Monday, October 14, 2013

The Perks of Being the New Kid

Tennessee was a state I've always thought I would enjoy living in and it has absolutely been proven true.  I love our town, I love living so close to one of the coolest cities in the South.  I love being is such a close proximity to Whole Foods and Trader Joes and a decent book store.  I love food and book shopping, its so much easier for me than clothes shopping.  I've got to watch my budget.

Being the "New Kid" is something that I have a pretty good experience with.  I've dished out the things I dislike about it but here are the nice parts.

1) A chance to worship in a variety of settings.
When moving to a new place "church shopping" is a fact of life.  This offers some great opportunities to worship with many different people.  I get the chance to spend time with Christ in churches where people praise Him through vibrant songs or where they sit in quiet reverence.  It takes me out of the box of thinking God can only be praised in a certain manner and that is a very good thing.  Everyone is different and the beauty of that is special.

2) I'm not involved in clickish relationships.
There's always those people who have known and fought since 6th grade and their friends have been dragged in to their arguments.  Nice to not be involved in that....yet.

3) New library
I had long since exhausted the cookbook section of our Kentucky library.  Fresh books! Yay!

4) New job
I'm a ballet teacher and I've had the opportunity to start a new ballet school here.  I already have more students than I did after teaching for a year in KY.  And I love my students, they are so much fun!

5) Birthdays are a lot more interesting
Because there are new places to explore instead of just going to get coffee on my birthday morning!

and of course 6) Meeting new people
I really didn't like being put in new situations for a long time.  Now I see it as a great chance to get to know interesting new long as they aren't glued to their iPhones...but I repeat myself.

I've also had chances of making a dork of myself.
My mom, sisters, and I were sitting out on a bench downtown and I had my iPod out taking a picture of us.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy walk by that I recognized from being in one of my favorite YouTube videos in a band I was familiar with.  There's always the problem of knowing if its really him or not.  Lydia, my sis, said that if I'd go up and ask him that she'd buy me Starbucks.  I did and he was and I felt like a dork and I went home.  The end.

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