Tuesday, August 20, 2013

There are some things about moving that just plain stink.  Besides the stuff that is expected to happen {I won't mention the pain getting a new license has been} there are things that I'll simply title as New Kid Probs.
{People Use Their Phones as an Excuse Not to Talk to You}
Because its true.  It certainly isn't isolated to being the new kid since people often keep their eyes glued to their phones as a means of distraction in any situation that could be possibly awkward. It's impolite and 10 times more uncomfortable when you're the new kid and have no. one. to. talk. to.
{You usually don't get homesick until 1 to 6 months after you move}
At least in my case it's true. Once you move in and the excitement/stress has worn off it can get kind of lonely not knowing any one yet.  A phone call or text out of the blue can really cheer you up.
{People think you're out to steal their bf or gf}
Be kind.  Don't prejudge.  Or that new boy/girl might just try. *complete sarcasm*
{A Technical Problem that Could Go Wrong Is Very Likely To}
The internet and phone can't be hooked up because the guy saw brown recluse spiders under the house. (Translation: The guy can't fit in the small crawl space.)  The house gets sprayed for brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, mice, rats, and other pesty beings and the internet is hooked up.  Except now the phone won't work.  Repairman comes.  It's still not fixed.  Another couple hours on the phone and we get a new phone number.  Oh yeah, we found out the internet on the desk top won't connect so another repairman will have to come out. 
Ok, I'm done. 
{People Like to Stay in Their Own Circle of Friends}
Leaving you standing there like, "well this is awkward."  It's very understandable that people like to hang out with friends they've known forever, who doesn't?  It's also very understandable that approaching the new kid can be awkward for them as well.  I totally understand.  But I know that the times that people have come up to me and struck up a conversation, or simply introduced themselves have not only filled up a few awkward minutes but have often lead to great friendships.
And last but most definitely not least.
{Some People May Try to Negatively Influence Your Opinion of Others}
More than once I've met someone, thought they were really nice and then they tell me not to get too chummy with so-in-so because they have -------- issues.  Only to find out that the person they were referring to was really great.  Don't let other people's opinions negatively affect your own.  You could miss out on some really amazing friends.
So there's my rant for the week. :)
 Up next..."New Kid Perks".

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