Friday, December 13, 2013

att&t Technology For Tuition Scholarship Essay

The New View

The ability to watch virtually anything online has changed the way we entertain and educate ourselves, and has had a profound effect on the way we live.  The young people of my generation are the first to experience this shift from consuming entertainment on the traditional tube to now viewing it through an ever- increasing variety of TV packages and online resources.  This is a completely new way of consuming media and it has been beneficial for me and for my education in several ways.

First, it has freed me from watching typical entertainment.  The internet has provided the ability to watch anything at any time.  I’m not bound by a television channel schedule; I don’t waste time viewing shows that I see as irrelevant or negative.  It’s about being able to benefit from what I am interested in, and delving in and learning from it. I am able to enjoy historical dramas, documentaries about health and nutrition, and watching experts discussing the latest discoveries in science.  A world of information is available to me, pouring forth onto my computer, tablet, or phone screen at the single touch of a finger.

Since I was a little girl I’ve loved British television shows.  There weren’t many available for me when I was very young, but the DVD’s with my favorite historical dramas were played over and over again.  As a young teen I would spend evenings in my room watching classic works of literature made into movies.  It shaped my idea of history, gave me a love for learning about the people who came before me, and period costumes inspired me to learn how to sew. 

I now have the luxury of watching these films and others like them with the touch of a button.  I get to see television shows that are aired in other counties and I learn about their culture, their history, their industry, and their way of life.  It broadens my view of the world and I see that there are joys to be discovered and lessons to be learned from all types of media.  Yes, primetime TV shows are enjoyable and we still have them available to us, but that’s not the only thing that is out there.  A world of news, sports, arts, sciences, history, mathematics, and amazing stories are available to me.  Like never before I am able to not only watch media, I am able to contribute to the conversation through reviews, comments, social media, and blogs.  This is the new way of consuming media, a dramatic change, a never before enjoyed luxury, and a brand new avenue of learning.  The easy access to online media provides unlimited information for the first time in history.

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